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If you have requirements for a special unit which is not listed on our website, such as a special housing or flange, or even a certain type of electrical output, please ask us and we might be able to do something for you.


Many of our electronics are fully certified to the latest ATEX, IECEx, CSA and GOST standards, and can be incorporated into a housing designed by yourself.  This can be done in a matter of days depending on the complexity of your design.  We have a large CNC machine shop with 3 Mills and 3 Lathes, so any conceivable shape can be made, in Aluminium or Stainless Steel.


If your design needs pressure testing for submersible use, we can accommodate you as well.  We have a complete submersible testing area for depths down to 100m.


Same goes for temperature testing, we offer a complete area for -40 to +100C testing and are able to log the data for days on end.


And if more advanced designs are required, with even more testing, we can work with our suppliers and customers to even get some active 'rig time' to field trial new designs.


This includes designs not only for encoders, but complete systems and assemblies weighing up to 50 kilos.  We've designed and manufactured various machines and systems for the oil field sector, almost all of them custom made - and thus the design is protected with the customer.  We've made mud gas traps, drawworks assemblies, DAQ systems for mud logging, sensor integration for monitoring rig parameters - in other words, a complete engineering shop.


If you have any such requirements, let us know, we will be more than happy to assist you.


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