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Series LPX incremental hollow shaft encoder up to 50 mm

(non intrinsically safe part number)



L P X   X X   3 6 9   X   S / X X X X - X X X X
      |____|         |       |____________|   |____________|
      Shaft Size       Connection     Resolution   Options
XX Shaft Size X Connection:
  40 = 40mm   R = 2 m cable (thick rugged cable)
  50 = 50mm   Y = 10 m cable (thick rugged cable)
  C1 = 2"    
  Other sizes available    
XXXX Options    
  X100 = Hohner Canada Wiring Different Colours    
5...24 Volt Extended Line Driver is standard, optional Current Sink Open Collector is available

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degrees C Cable UK
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees F PS GND Black
On request: - 20 ... + 80 degrees C PS 5 ... 24 V Red
Max frequency: 150 kHz Output A White
Current consumption: 90 mA (max.) Output B Blue
Power supply: 5 - 24V Output O Yellow
Weight:    53 oz (1.5 kg) Output A inv Green
Protection: IP 66M Output B inv Violet
Housing: Aluminum Output O inv Brown
Shaft: Stainless Steel
Bearings: 2 x 61811 Output
Torque: 220 oz/in (150 N-cm) Diagram is shown with clockwise shaft rotation viewed from 
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible

opposite side to shaft grub screws

Speed:  2000 RPM max.
Shock: 10g (6msec)
Vibration: 5g (500 Hz)
Shaft load: Supports its own weight
Line driver output max: 50 mA per channel
Max. ppr 5000

Mounting Instructions

Slide encoder onto shaft.  To keep encoder from rotating: have a pin to prevent rotation in one of the mounting holes, or a bracket bolted onto the mounting holes, or simply tie wrap the cable.  Whatever is done, ensure there is a bit of play between encoder and mounting arrangement to prevent bearing damage.  Hook up the encoder with the connections as described.  Make sure power supply meets specifications.


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