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Series 07x NAMUR (DIN 19234) plastic encoder up to 12mm

(hollow shaft shown)







X - 0   2   1


R - X   X   X   X
Shaft Size     |   Resolution
10 = 10 mm   Connection  
12 = 12 mm   1 = 9 pin D with 2 m  
K4 = 10x20 solid   of cable attached  
K5 = 12x20 solid      


Zone 0, Class 1 Div 1

Technical Data Connection Options
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degrees C 9 pin D
-   4 ...+ 140 degrees F + Loop A 1
Power Supply: 24 Volts  - Loop A 2
Max frequency: 5 kHz + Loop B 3
Weight: 3.6 oz (110 g)  - Loop B 4
Protection: IP 54
Housing: ABS Plastic Output
Shaft: Aluminum B is phased 90 degrees in front of A in cw direction
Bearings: 2 x 6803 Z
Torque: 0.7 oz/in (5 N-cm)
Shaft load: Supports its own weight
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible
Speed:  2000 RPM max.
Max. ppr 100 ppr

Best suited to work with the following isolators: P+F KFD2 SOT2 EX2
IP 54
ATEX [Certificate]
IECEx [Certificate]
CSA [Certificate]
GOST-CU [Certificate]
Mounting Instructions

Mount the tether on the machine or motor-frame.  The tether can be bent to adapt to any surface.  This assembly allows the encoder to float and increases the lifetime of the bearings.  Connect the encoder as per wiring specifications.  Make sure power supply is within the proper voltage and current rating.  Encoder can be mounted with the setscrew on the machine side or on the opposite side for either CW or CCW.  See datasheet for CW and CCW directions of the outputs.


Technical data for tether:  0.3 mm stainless steel sheet


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