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Series 55 Incremental DeviceNet Encoder

5   5   X   X - 3   3   X   X - X   X   X   X
  |___|   |  





IP rating

  | 0 = IP54   0 = DeviceNet Cable
  | 1 =IP64   4 = 5 pin micro
Shaft Size      
05 = 5/8" with 3/16" keyway    
12 = 12mm with 4x4 keyway    
Many other sizes up to 16mm    


Technical Data Encoder Description
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degree C An incremental encoder is coupled to a 32 bit built in counter
- 04 ...+ 140 degree F Value is measured in counts between 0 and 4 294 967 295
On request - 20 .. +100 degree C DeviceNet Service - reset code 05 will reset the counter to 0
Current consumption: 80 mA (max.)
6 ft drop cable Device Configuration
Weight:    16oz (0.45 kg) ODVA profile: Resolver
Protection: IP 54 or 64 Explicit Peer to Peer Messaging Not supported
Housing: Plastic I / O Peer to Peer Messaging Not supported
Shaft: Aluminum Configuration consistency value Not supported
Bearings: 2 x 6805 ZZ C2 Faulted node recovery Not supported
Torque: 0.4 oz/in (3 N-cm) Baud rate Supported
Humidity: Up to 98% permissible Master / Scanner Not supported
Speed:  3000 RPM max. I / O Slave messaging Not supported
Directions Numbers rising in cw direction Bit strobe Not supported
Poll  Supported
Standards Cyclic Not supported
UL file number  -  198887 Change of state Not supported
European standard EN 50324 EDS
Tested by University of Michigan Vendor ID 34
Devicetype  9
Product code 2
Product name MTDR
Catalog 32 bit incremental encoder
Expected response data 4 bytes
Maximum value 32 bit

Mounting Instructions

Mount fixture to the encoder with three self-tapping no. 8 screws and three no. 8 washers.  Slide the encoder onto the shaft.  With the setscrew, tighten the hollow shaft onto the shaft.  Mount the tether on the machine or motor-frame.  The tether can be bent to adapt to any surface.  This assembly allows the encoder to float and increases the lifetime of the bearings.  Connect the encoder as per wiring specifications.  Make sure power supply is within the proper voltage and current rating.  Encoder can be mounted with the setscrew on the machine side or on the opposite side for either CW or CCW.  See datasheet for CW and CCW directions of the outputs.


Technical data for tether:  0.3 mm stainless steel sheet



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